We’ve always talked about the technical aspects, the sound and the design of our loudspeakers, but we’ve never focused on what makes them recognizable among all: their names!

A name can reveal much about the loudspeaker’s history…Let’s find out some of them!


Let’s start with our queen: Aida. Powerful, seductive, with natural shapes that shape the sound, Aida takes its name from the greatest opera of the master Giuseppe Verdi. Aida is the result of love, tradition and innovation of the entire team of Sonus faber.


This name has its origin in shapes and design. Its unique top looks like a lily, “Lilium” in Latin. A speaker that merges all the contrasts, seemingly opposites, that coexist in Music: Lilium is strength and grace. Dynamics and melody. Full and empty. Sweetness and impetuosity.


Sonus faber finds its inspirations in the Italian violin making tradition. Through the Il Cremonese we pay homage to the great Antonio Stradivari. The Il Cremonese indeed is the name of his most famous instrument. Passion and scientific research are the essential elements that link this model and his famous violin.


Keeping up with the topic of the Italian violin making, the Homage collection is a real “Homage” by which we celebrate the greatest families of lute makers from the 1600s to the 1800s in Cremona. Here we are with Amati, Serafino and Guarneri Tradition.


This collection celebrates our roots, Vicenza and its most famous architect Andrea Palladio who designed, among other things, the Olympic Theater, the symbol of Vicenza city and a place where music is translated into freedom, power and emotion.


Our Heritage, a landmark that will be always part of the Sonus faber DNA. This collection is a restyling of three iconic loudspeakers. Minima Amator II, a small jewel, Electa Amator III, refined and performing and their older sister, Maxima Amator.


A family that communicates sympathy and lightness but lets the listener experiences great performances and emotions. The name refers to the classic poetic compositions with a lyrical character, a symbol of Italian creativity.


LUxury, MInimalist, NAtural. Lumina is the acronym of these three words that summarize its philosophy, a design approach based on “less is more”, a new adventure that does not betray the brand’s tradition and DNA.


The person who inspired us is still the famous Andrea Palladio. This collection combines music and architecture, the speakers of this collection are in fact designed to integrate perfectly with the place in which they are placed.


A historical name, linked to the aim of the product: reproducing grave sounds. In this line power and design go hand in hand.

Each speaker embodies a story made of love, research and wise gestures and its name tells a part of the story!