If there is an actual difference between art and work, we have often not noticed it.

An artist is a profound connoisseur of the material he uses to create, whether it is concrete or made up of ideas and thoughts. We certainly didn’t think of keeping the two separate when it came to rethinking a speaker like Guarneri in its latest Tradition version.

The art of making a cabinet like that of the smallest of the Homage family is found in the tradition of the Italian Shipwrights. A fundamental figure in the culture of building wooden boats that encompasses various roles: from designer to carpenter, having been for centuries what, nowadays, would have been defined as a naval engineer. An artist.

When the curvature of Guarneri Tradition’s cabinet was extended, compared to that of its predecessor Evolution, the first inspiration naturally came from the works of immense precision and beauty that are the hulls of ships built by hand by the most experienced shipwrights.

Dedication and precision are based on a single concept: patience. From this comes a speaker of renowned beauty and ineffable sound quality.