Sonus faber care guide

Maintaining Your Audio Masterpieces

Sonus faber speakers are built to last. To ensure your audio masterpieces stand the test of time, our customer service department has crafted a comprehensive guide for cleaning and maintaining your new speakers.

Discover the essential steps to keep your Sonus faber speakers in pristine condition. From protecting finishes to caring for natural materials, follow our guide for a long-lasting auditory experience.

Finish Protection

  1. Finishes: To preserve the finish of your acoustic speakers, use the fabric protection provided. This is especially important if the speakers will not be in use for an extended period.

  2. Wood Sensitivity: Wood is a living material, sensitive to external factors. Avoid using cleaning products, waxes, or alcohol. Gentle cleaning with a microfiber cloth is recommended.

  3. Speaker Placement: Be mindful of speaker placement to avoid very humid environments, heat sources, and direct sunlight. Proper positioning ensures longevity and optimal performance.

Cleaning Essentials: Parts and Materials

Understand the art of cleaning different components, from wood and metal to leather and driver suspensions. Follow our guidelines to maintain the beauty of your Sonus faber speakers.

  1. Wood, Metal & Glass: Gently wipe with a microfiber cloth and Crystalux liquid. Avoid harsh chemicals. A Sonus faber Cleaning kit (microfiber cloth + Crystalux sprayer) is available for purchase.

  2. Leather & Driver Suspensions: Avoid strong chemicals. Use a waterproof, mildew-proof silicone spray on a soft sponge for leather parts and driver suspensions. Protect driver cones from spray to prevent damage.

Longevity Through Time: Speaker Care Over the Years

Embrace the wisdom of time to enhance your speaker's sound quality. Learn about the gradual improvement of sound through breaking-in moving parts and the responsiveness of the acoustic chamber.

Over time, moving parts like membranes and suspensions will undergo a breaking-in process, contributing to improved sound quality. The more you use your speakers, the better the acoustic chamber responds. Just like string instruments, time enhances the overall performance.


With these care tips, your Sonus faber speakers will not only remain in impeccable condition but also elevate your auditory experience for years to come. For additional details, consult your user's manual or reach out to our official distributors and dealers. Enjoy the timeless harmony of Sonus faber craftsmanship.