Sonus faber: Crafting Natural Sound Through Woodworking Excellence

In the workshops of Vicenza, Italy, the scent of freshly carved wood carries with it a centuries-old tradition. This is where Sonus faber, a name synonymous with audio excellence, crafts its legendary speakers. While innovation and research are core tenets of our DNA, the traditions of Italian woodworking are deeply embedded in our roots. Human touch has been an integral part of our history since 1983, but the inspirations for our artisanry go back hundreds of years.

Legendary Luthiers:

A Foundation for Excellence

Sonus faber's journey began with a profound respect for the violin-making tradition. While over four decades have pushed us to the limits of cutting-edge technology, the historical connection to renowned luthiers of Cremona have continued to guide us.

Sonus faber believes that, like violins, speakers are an instrument of sound. The acoustic principles used in violin-making are a core influence in the design and production of our high-fidelity audio equipment. Our Homage Collection for example, pays tribute to the legends of the past who have influenced us as an Artisan of Sound. The immersive soundstage of the Stradivari G2 is dedicated to Antonio Stradivari, who is widely accepted as the creator of some of the finest violins ever crafted. Similarly, our Guarneri G5 is named in honor of Giuseppe Guarneri, whose devotion to music was pivotal in the Golden Age of violin making.

Nature Meets Innovation

Our iconic lute-shape designs are both the visual and physical representation of quality and luxury. Like the master luthiers of the past, we recognize that wood is the resonant material par excellence. This insight has become the cornerstone of our philosophy: the use of natural materials for Natural Sound.

This signature sound, the voice of Sonus faber, is what sets us apart in the crowded world of high-end audio.  Our use of natural materials, the final tuning of each individual piece by ear, and our unique design philosophy combine to provide a rich, warm, and authentic sound.

Symphonic Selection

Our design philosophy focuses on both the highest quality of the wood utilized and the meticulous selection of every piece. Each unique characteristic enhances the overall aesthetic appeal and longevity of the product.

Different types of wood are chosen for their specific characteristics. For instance, walnut is admired for its dense grain and durability, which adds a sense of sophistication and opulence to the design. Maple, on the other hand, is highly regarded for its strength and resilience, giving a clean and vibrant look to any project. Wengè stands out with its hardness and dark color, providing a unique and refined aesthetic. Each wood selection is carefully made, considering its visual appeal and structural integrity, to enhance the overall design.

Modern Italian Artistry

Our dedication to quality runs as deep as our passion for sound. To ensure complete control over every step of the wood treatment process, Sonus faber uses its own in-house wood factory.

Here, master craftsmen carefully select each piece, considering not just its appearance, but its acoustic properties. All Sonus faber products are uniquely hand-crafted through a meticulous process of curing, shaping, and finishing. With careful oversight to ensure consistency and quality, each speaker’s box is individually finished, undergoing several days of treatment and often weeks of aging.

Our factory is dedicated to traditional woodworking techniques while also employing modern technology to achieve unparalleled results in the world of luxury audio.

A Legacy Continued:

Crafting the Future of Sound

As Sonus faber looks to the future, we remain steadfast in our commitment to woodworking excellence and the violin-making tradition that inspired us. Each premium wood speaker that leaves our workshop is a testament to this enduring legacy.

In a world of mass production and synthetic materials, Sonus faber stands as a reminder of the timeless appeal of artisanry and natural materials. Our speakers are more than just audio equipment; they're a bridge between the rich traditions of the past and the high-fidelity demands of the present.

For those who truly appreciate the art of sound, a Sonus faber speaker is a piece of acoustic history. It's a commitment to the idea that, sometimes, to move forward, we must look back – to the wisdom of the great luthiers, to the natural resonance of fine wood, and to the patient hands of skilled artisans. Every Sonus faber speaker is a tribute to Italy's rich musical heritage, a celebration of natural materials, and a sound that's as pure and emotive as a Stradivarius violin.