Unlocking the Mystery: Why the "f" in Sonus faber is Lowercase

Have you ever found yourself mistakenly capitalizing the "f" in Sonus faber? Don't worry; you're not alone. Since its inception in the early 80s, Sonus faber has intentionally kept the "f" in lowercase—a unique choice with a meaningful purpose.

Embracing Tradition and Sound

The name Sonus faber, derived from the Latin expression meaning "artisan of sound," emphasizes our commitment to craftsmanship and musical excellence. By featuring a lowercase "f," we direct attention to the musical aspect of our brand, reinforcing our unwavering dedication to pure sound reproduction.

The Symbolism of the Lowercase "f"

The lowercase "f" in faber represents the iconic F holes found on violins—a subtle nod to our heritage and passion for music. Just as the F holes contribute to the resonance and character of a violin, our meticulous attention to detail shapes the distinctive sound of Sonus faber speakers.

Crafting Sound with Artistry

Our journey began with the vision of an artisan—a faber—who believed in the pursuit of beauty and perfection. As Sonus faber evolved, we combined craftsmanship with innovative acoustics and design, staying true to our roots while embracing the future.

The Art of Synergy

At Sonus faber, we believe in the synergy between nature's materials—wood, leather, marble, and more. By harmonizing these elements, we create speakers that transcend audio equipment, becoming works of art that resonate with soul-stirring sound.

Honoring Tradition, Embracing Innovation

Our artisans are the guardians of our legacy, blending tradition with innovation to push the boundaries of audio excellence. Together, we give meaning to our name by upholding the ideals of superb sound reproduction and timeless design.