Enrich your outdoor space

Aster brings Sonus faber’s Natural Sound to the outdoors. Pairing elegant design with simple set-up, Aster elevates sound quality and ambience on terraces, patios, gardens and more.


Sonus faber Aster speaker in black mounted to a wall outside

Simple set-up

Aster pairs Sonus faber’s signature natural sound with straightforward set-up. The mounting aluminum bracket system is both intuitive and functional. A simple installer screw attaches Aster to the wall, and the bayonet system secures the cabinet with a simple turn.

Unique design

Aster’s slim, organic shape helps reproduce immaculate sound, while channeling the modern design language of Sonus faber. The two passive radiators on the side increase efficiency and eliminate distortion. The total white and total black options pair seamlessly with a diverse array of design aesthetics.

Side-by-side collage of two Sonus faber Aster speakers, the first in black and the second in white
Sonus faber Aster speaker with rain droplets

Inspired by the sky

Aster derives its name from the Latin word for “star”. “Per aspera ad astra”, the famous Latin maxim stands for “through hardships to the stars.” Fittingly, Aster’s crystal sound will lift spirits into the sounds of the open air. With IP65 certification, the speakers can withstand the elements - from rain to dust.

Intuitive tilting

Adjusting sound travel is as simple as a tilt. The spring mechanism inside Aster makes it easy to tilt 15 degrees at a time, without adjusting any screws.

Side view of Sonus faber Aster speaker mounted to a wall tilting up and down

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    • Sonus faber Aster speaker in white
    • Sonus faber Aster speaker in black


    Speaker type

    2 way


    Low/Mid frequency: 1x5.25 in
    High frequency: 1x1 in

    Maximum recommended power

    125 W

    Frequency Response

    60Hz – 32kHz

    Sensitivity 2.83 Vrms@1m

    88.00 dB

    Nominal Impedance

    6 Ω

    Crossover frequency

    1.8 kHz

    Enclosure type

    Passive radiator


    150 x 330 x 195 mm (d x w x h)
    5.9 x 12.9 x 7.6 in (d x w x h)
    Depth (with mounting bracket): 208 mm - 8.1 in


    3,1 kg - 6.8 lb


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