Sonus faber Suprema Serenades the Vicenza Jazz Festival

Vicenza, Italy is home to rich musical tradition. In addition to being the home of Sonus faber, this Italian city has now hosted nearly three decades of iconic jazz legends from around the world. The 28th Vicenza Jazz festival, dubbed “A Dream 88 Keys Long,” took place May 19th. The festival culminated in Sonus faber taking the stage at the Sala del Ridotto of Teatro Comunale di Vicenza (“TCVI”) to unveil its most ambitious project to date: the Suprema System.


Built on the hills of Vicenza, the original Sonus faber artisan workshop planted its roots in 1983. Here we developed our philosophy of Natural Sound, generating high-fidelity audio experiences with timeless Italian craftsmanship. Audiophiles well beyond the borders of Italy recognize Sonus faber speakers as a symbol of high-end audio technology and artisanship. Over 40 years of industry-leading design have led to a deep understanding of sonic excellence and strong relationships in the music world. The partnership with Vicenza Jazz was perhaps as inevitable as it was natural.

Since its inception in 1996, The Vicenza Jazz Festival has become an institution in the European jazz scene, drawing in the finest jazz artists from around the world. This year, musicians such as Italian pianist Dado Moroni, Indian percussionist Trilok Gurtu, Cuban pianist Omar Sosa, and the American Uri Caine Ensemble - among many others - delivered a diverse and immersive jazz listening experience.

Unveiling the Suprema System

As both a sponsor and active participant in this celebration of jazz music, Sonus faber debuted the Suprema System at Vicenza’s iconic City Theater “TCVI.” This once-in-a-lifetime event took place on May 19th, the festival's final day, transforming the Sala del Ridotto into a luxury live music experience for jazz lovers.

The Suprema System, a sophisticated ensemble of two main columns and two subwoofers, along with an external electronic crossover, represents the pinnacle of Sonus faber’s audio engineering achievements. Developed in honor of Sonus faber’s 40th anniversary, Suprema is designed to push the boundaries of acoustic performance.

At the event, Journalist Matteo Bordone and Sonus faber Chief Design Officer Livio Cucuzza took the audience on an auditory journey through the classics of jazz discography. As they delved into iconic tracks, the 400-seat hall was enveloped in the pure, immersive sound of the Suprema System, showcasing the unparalleled quality of Sonus faber speakers.

A Partnership into the Future, Rooted in Musical Excellence

At the heart of this collaboration was a shared commitment to delivering an exceptional musical experience. Sonus faber, with its four decades of expertise in high-end audio design, and Vicenza Jazz, a pillar of the European jazz community, made this partnership a celebration of local heritage and global musical artistry.

As Sonus faber celebrates its 40th Anniversary, Vicenza Jazz paid tribute to the piano in the history of jazz - honoring 100 years since the birth of Bud Powell, a pioneer of the modern jazz piano. This year also marks fifty years since the death of legendary jazz pianist and composer Duke Ellington. This homage to the classics simultaneously brought together local artists with international musicians ranging from Latin sounds to Mediterranean influences, all gathering throughout the festival.

For Sonus faber, this event was not just an opportunity to launch our flagship piece of high-end audio equipment at the renowned Vicenza Jazz; it was an affirmation of our proud membership in a community with an extraordinary past and an ever-evolving future. The May 19th unveiling was the chance to expand the brand’s legacy and to connect with a new and wider audience of music enthusiasts.

Beyond the Festivities:

A Symphony of Sound and Culture

Through this collaboration, Sonus faber not only commemorated its roots, but also reinforced its status as a pioneer in the audio industry, promising many more years of leading the high-end audio experience.

The Sonus faber sponsorship of the Vicenza Jazz Festival was a resounding success, marked by the introduction of the innovative Suprema System and a celebration of a shared heritage of musical excellence. As the notes of the festival fade, the impact of this partnership remains, underscoring the potential of high-fidelity audio to transform the live music experience. As jazz enthusiasts around the world eagerly await next spring’s festival, the memory of this legendary event reminds us of the power music has to transcend boundaries and unite in a common language.